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other creations

knit to livei knit. a lot. if you're into that kind of thing, visit my knitting blog: knittin' smitten. it's like this, only with less self-control and more geeking out about yarn.

no stringsright before i embraced yarnageddon, i kind of went nuts and decided to make puppets. my floundering attempts at d.i.y. crafting are documented at puppet making for the optimistic.

warning: i've got more enthusiasm than sense.

contains 200% daily recommended intake of pannekoekeni collaborate sporadically with some fine ladies on an eating blog called 't pannekoeken huisje.

warning: contains 200% recommended daily intake of pannekoeken. consume with caution.



whaddaya know? i went to chicago to visit pixie for the second time and i actually wrote down 17 short stories about chicago within a month. i'm on a roll!

our third trip to chicago was also written up in a timely fashion, but yielded a scant 12 short stories.

warning: after you finish these 29 stories, you still won't know why the rat was moving into the apartment of ill-repute. but you will know his opinion on breastfeeding.

hail to thee camp hedonismi was already behind on my writing when we went to stanfest 2002, and as the bulk of the stanfest 2001 entry disappeared in the great laptop return of '02, i thought it best to hedge my bets with this one. consequently, pieces of the trip appeared with other entries whenever i got a minute to scribble down the memories. unfortunately, they were never completed.

stanfest 2002: thursday; friday 1 & 2; saturday - monday (pictures only); seeing charlie a'court on my birthday; later musings on valdy, geoff berner, carmaig de forest & ana bon-bon.

stanfest 2003: wednesday & thursday (the journey down); friday; saturday; sunday.

NEW! stanfest 2006 (the return of stanfest!): friday; saturday; sunday.

warning: i've had to work hard to get these stories to you and i might sulk if they're not appreciated.

yepsomething strange happened when i went on vacation to holland to visit scherezade: i wrote it all down. slightly under a year later, it's all up here for you to peruse. another late victory!

places visited include amsterdam (twice!), antwerp, delft, den haag & utrecht.

warning: unsavoury marijuana stories ahead.

our lady kali of the absinthewhen i found out that dirk, stacy & i would be travelling east at the same time, i envisioned a pleasant train ride. then they invited me to come along with them to convergence 8, the net goth convention taking place in montreal. i was cynical (i wouldn't be a goth otherwise.) it turned into the best vacation ever.

warning: this is easily the most postmodern document i have ever created,
with new levels popping up everywhichwhere. be ready to be confused.


diary & web archives

little blue chickif you're interested in the past, you might want to check out greek drama, my previous online journal incarnation. long, long ago, before online journallers had a convention, there was me in a rubber dress and too many pictures of my acquaintences.

warning: i was a silly drunken 21-year-old through most of this journal. travel at your own risk.

a few years before this octopussy diary site, i had the typical sensitive gurl website, complete with broken-hearted poetry and a picture of me in a rubber dress. every once in awhile, i think about the flotsam trapped on this defunct site, and am moved to rescue the odd piece of drifting wreckage. So: here's some old stuff...

unwilling angelthere is much additional superhero silliness at the homepage of tisiphone's angels. features real photos, unlikely stories and the secretest of secret identities.

celebrity skinyes, i used to write for a small handful of univeristy of toronto newspapers. most of the evidence has been mercifully buried in inaccessible archives and my own personal scrapbook, but there are a few efforts that deserve to see the light of day. such as the transcripts of two interesting interviews: poppy z brite and chris frantz, jerry harrison & tina weymouth (a.k.a. the heads). a fun time will be had by some!

i'm nailed right inon the day palaver was christ i took many blurry photos. see them all!

warning: you may want to skip this gunk if you have an important essay to write tonight.



little newlywedsthe wedding bug has hit these pages, and hard.

one fine august day i got married to the redoubtable jimmy silverthumb (a.k.a. the boy). if you'd like to see some of our many wedding pictures & read what i have to say about the day, look no further! 'tis here. i've been rescanning pictures in 2003, and adding a few choice shots that missed the final cut - so it's almost something new. (but not really.)

warning: before entering these pages, you should have a gift-wrapped fondue set ready to hand over.

it certainly wastho' two days are complete, i'm still working on the salty tale of preacher's privateers.

warning: it's hard to write when there's a baby tugging at your clothes.

it certainly wascontrary-wise, if you'd like to read the chronicle of poet's wedding weekend, you may find installments here: alpha, beta, gamma, delta.

warning: you may be seated at table germany.

giggle!finally, there's the wedding that began it all: the bride wore a 6 dollar dress and the german groom wore a kilt in pixie stix & q's big day.

warning: this wedding currently inoperative.

just so you don't think that i'm unable to go to a wedding without making an enormous honking deal out of it, there are also less-elaborate accounts of these 7 weddings: my nemesis cousin; the boy's father and mother; the cousin i like; bob & sparrow; noizangel & spherewalker; loftwyr & gilamonstre; opera sarah & leo.


miscellanious gunk

which witch?some people come to this site via a search for lyrics to "i put a spell on you" or various spells. for those lost surfers, I have created 2 public service announcements.

warning: you may be disillusioned.


wwjs?Ship Of Fools is a witty, well-written and wonderfully non-stupid site dedicated to Christian philosophy. They bill themselves as "the magazine of Christian unrest," and they buoy my soul after a run-in with an angry "don't you dare pray for me" atheist type. I've done the odd Mystery Worshipper gig for them (see Joan of Arch) in return for hours of thought & delight.

See the books I've read on my Bookshelf at BookCrossing.com...BookCrossing is trying to make the entire world into a lending library. I have seldom seen such a good idea given such elaborate development. It makes my English-teacher glands go wild!

they stand on guard for usCanadian World Domination is exactly what it sounds like. One of the funniest Canadian sites I've ever seen in my life, if only for their creative mix of stereotype and fact.

He really wasJesus Was Gother Than You proves the titular assertion dozens of times over. I must admit that I was a skeptic at first, but their fishnet proof made me a believer. I'm looking for this man / to tell him of the Son of Man...

the staff of righteousnessWolfville Pastoral Charge asked me to develop their website last year. Now that I've moved away, I still visit the site and sigh.

clip art!I can't really afford any of the cool clip art that Havana Street has to offer, but I go there from time to time and glom up some freebies. My December 01 design used many, many of their adorable pictures.

the usual suspects

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