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greek drama

The earliest, and some say best, phase of the diary. I was a very lonely 20-22 year old when I kept the 'Drama, and all my entries contain a faint whiff of desperation. Oh, I was having fun...but not as much as I wanted to.

Hair: fire-engine red, mousy blonde, strawberry blonde, black, auburn.
Smiling for: the photo booth.

The Boy dumped me & everyone knew about it. So I decided to go underground...and this spell stuff is what I came up with. Eventually everyone knew about it again - but I was so goofy in luv that I just didn't care.

Hair: auburn.
Smiling for: the Boy. Smiling with: Javina.


This was the year I graduated university, got a career path, became a camp counsellor, worked 7 days a week, ate New York, and got engaged. Hey, most of that is true...

Hair: auburn, brown (natural!), blonde, brown (artificial).
Smiling for: Tym:J. Smiling with: the Boy.


The year I became Rocketbride. A frenetically busy time leading up to the wedding, then moving to Nova Scotia two weeks later. Enter the cat! A lot of East Coast impressions, as well as a sizable chunk of East Coast depression.

Hair: auburn.
Smiling for: Jason the wedding photographer. Smiling with: Team Bride.


Overall a good year in Nova, although it was the year I discovered how low the World's Worst Student Teacher could sink. Also learning to be a wife & teacher, not to mention the beginning of my StanFest obsession and the best summer vacation on record.

Hair: auburn, black.
Smirking for: Stacy. Smirking with: Dirk.


Graduated again, got another tattoo, went to C*8 in Montreal, moved back to Toronto, and got a real job teaching real English. And there's some stuff about the Boy, too...something about his search for wisdom through higher education. You know what I'm talking about.

Hair: black.
Smiling for: Stacy. Again. Smiling with: Chad.

The year I began to get my feet under me in teaching. (Yeah, the drugs helped.) The permanent departure of the cat to the in-laws. Finally, I expanded the cast list in a new and exciting way...I had a baby.

Hair: black, natural brown with an auburn inch & the occasional black tip, blue (temp gel).
Posing with cock for: Tony. Posing with cock: the Boy & the Sprout

Until someone in this house figures out Movable Type (and I'm not ruling out the baby), the Blog entries will be archived by month, with access below and from the blog main page. I'm actually enjoying this system a great deal - Blogger has finally caught up with what a superhero wants in a long-running diary!

Hair: natural brown. wow.
Grinning for: Dirk.

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