the adventures of tisiphone's angels

"It's just like Charlie's Angels, only it's the three of us running down a beach in slow motion wearing speedos, while Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me To The End of Love" plays in the background. Quickly Angels! The Book of Kells has been stolen!"

- dirk, july 11, 1997.

Welcome to the lair of Tisiphone's Angels, one of those storytelling jokes that seemed like a good idea at the time (we were probably drunk.) Here you shall find photos, bios & an original (though fragmentary) tale of adventure concerning my Angels, and their battle for scotch. It's fabulous. Trust me.

As you could probably guess by now, I'm the Tisiphone in question. I hang overhead, like the sinister face to the left.* My job is somewhere between secretary & boss: when an evil wile needs to be thwarted, I make sure everything is coordinated so that they won't be too drunk when the action happens. It's a glam life, I know, but some mysterious chick's gotta do it...

And now I put the question to you: do you have an evil to be thwarted by my Angels? Don't be shy, let me know. All inquiries are considered confidential...unless they're really juicy, of course.

I think I hear the Angelphone ringing now. The Angels are scattered to the four corners of the globe (although, technically there are only three of them), and reunion is more difficult than normal. This could be the date of our next gathering...or a pitch to subscribe to the Toronto Star. In either case, I must fly. Until next time...


* actually a self-potrait of Alleen, the unwilling Angel. Shh!

high adventure

  • Part One: Origins, or Water, water everywhere, and not a drop of scotch to drink
  • Part Two: Preperations for War, or Hitler was a pansy
  • Part Three: A Moment of Peace, or He's on a mission from God
  • Part Four: Reunions, or Where's that fiver you owe me?
  • Part Five: Scotland, or Doesn't anyone speak English around here?

miscellanious angels

The Dirk Nightshade bio was submitted by Dirk himself. Kisses! Credit for the fragmentary tale of the Angels is given by most scholars to Poet (although some disagree, as scholars will).

Except where otherwise noted, all material ©1997-2001, Tisiphone.
Created on August 11, 1997. Last modified on June 20, 2009.

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